Publico InterContinental Singapore Review

Publico opens earlier in the day from Fridays to Sundays. This gave me the opportunity to have a leisurely lunch one Friday. My previous trip to Publico was in the evening. I must say the decor at Publico is beautiful, it just makes you want to relax and chill here for a couple of hours. And because Publico is so isolated from the rest of Singapore popular haunts, making a trip there makes you feel like you are in a different country all together.

During the day you get to experience the lush greenery and at night Publico gives rise to a mysterious and hip vibe. The food gears towards the pricey side with small portions and a little bit too artistic for my taste buds. But surely it is a place to visit at least once, if you are in the search for something new for a meal in a gorgeous setting.

InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay
1 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238909
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning.

The Marmalade Pantry Review

I could not be more delighted when I found out that The Marmalade Pantry opened at Tanjong Pagar, Oasia Hotel Downtown. The spaciousness of the venue delighted me, together with a full view of the lush greenery outside. This is a perfect place to hang out for a leisurely brunch over the weekend, away from the crowds in Orchard Road. I always enjoy the pasta and cakes here at The Marmalade Pantry, and it is no different here.

The Marmalade Pantry
Oasia Hotel Downtown
100 Peck Seah St
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

Bistro @ DUO Review

I initially thought Bistro@DUO was probably a cafe of sorts serving a full service dinner. However, when I reached the venue, I was quite surprised this was not the case. I feel it is more a bar serving a full service meal. Bistro@DUO is probably still relatively new, located at the other end of the main food area in DUO Gallery, facing Virgin Active. You could see strong loyal supporters, serious drinkers all huddling and having their Friday night drinks. In fact they even have a live band, a small band which still helps to build an atmosphere in the pub. Actually I do quite like the concept, not being much of a drinker, it would be a great place for after work hang out with colleagues, for those who love to drink can drink to their bellies full, and those who preferred a proper meal could enjoy the gathering as well.

I thought the food at Bistro@DUO was pretty reasonable and also well executed. It serves mostly western fare, and some with a Asian twist. I particularly like the sambal fish with rice, though it was not the usual stingray you would find at hawker centers, it was just as good, if not better. Their popular item is the mangalica pork slab, which I felt was a little thin and tough, otherwise pretty good in terms of taste. I could classify this place a drinking spot serving a good decent fare. Great if you are in the Bugis area and want to be away from the crowds.

#01-25/26 Duo Galleria
7 Fraser St, 189356
Nearest MRT: Bugis

Clan Cafe Review

I am so glad now I have different groups of friends to try different new places. And this time it is to the Clan Cafe. It is like a Saturday weekend adventure, visiting a new cafe in Singapore, and experiencing the atmosphere of the cafe.

I was so glad we went early at around 11am, before the cafe got incredibly filled. It like the open space with green and retro gold finishing. Each angle of the cafe looks different, and you would not be bored admiring the cafe decor.

I must say the Clan Cafe specializes more in food than in coffee, as they get their beans from elsewhere. The food is fabulous - from grain bowls to the famous otak sandwich (it was so good we had 2 servings), as well as the famous kueh salat. The price tag also does not come cheap, with each of us forking around $28 for a meal and a drink. I think this is a perfect place to relax and chill especially during the weekday, where it would probably be less crowded.

Clan Cafe
31 Bukit Pasoh Rd
Nearest MRT: Outram

Shop Wonderland Cafe Review

Shop Wonderland cafe is probably as whimsical as you can get for cafe. Located at Telok Ayer Street, it is the perfect place to hideaway during the weekend or a spot of coffee to beat the weekday blues if you need a break from work. It is also a place for book lovers, with pages ripped from books dressing part of the wall. Though they serve a good coffee, I think their food require a little more work or re-work. The cafe also tends to get warm, with just fans cooling the place. Unless you love the decor of the cafe, it is not a place that will bring me back again.

Shop Wonderland
134 Telok Ayer Street, 068600
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer

Forty Hands East Coast Review

To find out that Forty Hands has arrived at East Coast Road, also known as the Katong neighborhood, is to realize that the cafe scene is finally taking shape in this area. I couldn't be more glad to see cafes pop up here, as that would mean that the Easterners do not need to travel all the way to the city for brunch and a good cup of coffee.

The cafe prides itself in having overpriced coffee and food, and yes it does gear towards the pricey end, however, Forty Hands must have been one of the earlier cafes to start the coffee culture scene in Singapore, that maybe you won't mind just as much. Afterall, it is about good food and coffee!

I particularly like the cafe design, it feels much cleaner than the one located at Tiong Bahru, a spot that I would stay a little longer to enjoy the old-school ambience.

Forty Hands brew is always a little on the acidic end, but you know it is a good brew, and has such lovely thick microfoam that you get to enjoy the latte art a little longer. This time I tried the 40 Hands Falafel, which is something different from the usual brunch cafe fare. It consists pita bread with chickpea falafel and lettuce, very refreshing indeed.

It looks like this is one cafe that I would return often on a weekend just to chill out and enjoy a good cuppa.

Forty Hands East Coast
226 E Coast Rd,
Singapore 428923

Wakey Wakey Review

Wakey Wakey is perhaps one of the better cafes to hang out on a weekend in Singapore. Away from the crowds and in a very spacious space with a breezy outdoors, it is great for those who prefer a quiet and relaxing weekend in a cafe with a book or laptop.  This is my second time to Wakey Wakey, and this time they have added more food options in their menu.

The coffee is impeccable, coffee just a tad acidic in the first few sips. The cafe probably serves one of the better latte art in Singapore. As for meals, one can't fault them for trying something different from the usual cafe fare, though portion sizes are a little small, unless you opt for the grain bowls.

In my first trip to Wakey Wakey, I tried their westernized rendition of begedil (Malay potato patty) which was delicious but a small portion for the price I had to pay. And in my second trip, I had the chilli crab stew with bread, again another small portion, with bread a little on the hard end. It tastes just like shakshuka, but a localized version of it. My friend had the beef grain bowl, which was a better deal for the price of $15, but the beef did not look too exciting for me. We shared curry fries which was an interesting concept, though I would have preferred the fries to be thicker.

Wakey Wakey
302 Beach Rd
The Concourse
Singapore 199600
Nearest MRT: Nicoll Highway

Ju Shin Jung Robertson Quay Review

The options for lunch at Clarke Quay is limited to western or Japanese food choices. So when I was introduced to Ju Shin Jung at Robertson Walk, it was a welcomed option. Tucked away at Robertson Walk, this Korean restaurant can be easily missed unless you know it exists and is open for lunch.

Ju Shin Jung serves Korean set lunches at $15 which includes the unlimited kimchi starters and a variety of options from beef soups to the staple bibimbap. Intially I tried the chicken stew, but was not too impressed, and on my visit I decided to go for spicy beef soup, which to me is a winner, perfect when in the mood for something warm and spicy. Thumbs up for the good variety of kimchi options as well, that allowed us to fill up on vegetables.

Ju Shin Jung
11 Unity St, 01-30/31
Singapore 237995

Homeground Coffee Roasters Review

Everyone who knows the Katong neighborhood in Singapore would know it is well associated to good food. It is probably one of the quaintest area in Singapore, apart from the usual suspects of Tiong Bahru and Tanjong Pagar. However, for the longest time, the coffee shops in Katong have been limited to a few shops. And finally I start seeing cafes popping up in Katong, very much to my delight! With the onslaught of yoga and barre studios also opening around Joo Chiat and East Coast Road, the perfect weekend would be a workout followed by a nice cup of coffee and/or acai bowl.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out Homeground Coffee Roasters which newly opened at Joo Chiat Road. They primarily focus on coffee, as would a serious coffee shop. To me, they probably serve one of the best coffee brews you could get in Singapore, without the bitter aftertaste you get for many cafes in Singapore. And that in my opinion is probably the best coffee brew you can get. The only set back is that they do not have much food options, so one does not really linger. They are a small joint with a different sort of sitting set up where it facilitates 1-2 person to sit side by side instead of facing each other. Otherwise this cafe would probably be high on my list to revisit post workout on weekends.

Homeground Coffee Roasters
475 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427682
Nearest MRT: Dakota

The Populus Coffee and Food Co.

I found The Populus Coffee and Food Co. initially from one of the Burpple feeds as a wish list for me to go. The opportunity arose when I recently caught with a friend for brunch. Located at Neil Road, just a 10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar, The Populus Coffee is a tiny outfit with an interesting selection of food. In particular, if you like brunch, but not the calories that go with it, opt for the Pulled Pork Grain Bowl which is a delightful combination, perfect for the clean eating diet or after gym workout. My friend had the Croissant Scrambled Egg which is a delightful combination if you like sweet and salty for your breakfast. What was a complete hit for the both of us was the ice cream sundae which came so prettily designed with edible flowers, something different from all other cafes and such a delight combustion of flavors that we would certainly return for more. The cafe is rather tightly packed, hence it would really be a eat and go kind of place, not the sort to spend your afternoon away with a book or share private secrets with your pal.

The Populus Coffee and Food Co.
146 Neil Rd
Singapore 088875
Tel: 6635 8420
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar